Ministry of Information Technology
Electronics Niketan
6, CGO Complex
New Delhi-110 003

Dated: 10/05/2000


With the approval of competent authority a Working Group on Information Technology for masses has been constituted comprising of the following:

  • Mr. Prakash Javadekar, MLC Maharashtra Legislative Council ... Chairman
  • Prof. P. V. Indiresan, Former Chairman, DOE-ACC ... Member
  • Mr. Gautam Soni, Adviser, MIT
  • Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor, IIT, Chennai … Member
  • Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, Sr. Director, MIT ... Member
  • Mr. Dewang Mehta, President, NASSCOM ... Member
  • Dr. A. K. Basu, Director, Society for Rural Industrialization, Ranchi ... Member
  • Dr. Y. K. Sharma, DDG, NIC ... Member-Secy.

The terms of reference of the Working Group are:

  • To review various schemes and major initiatives taken by various Government agencies for taking IT to masses
  • To identify potential areas and applications for deployment of IT for masses
  • To recommend development schemes/ programmes for citizen participation for taking IT to masses
  • To prepare a comprehensive plan for taking IT to masses
  • The Working Group may co-opt any member or expert who may help it in its deliberations.
  • The Working Group may submit its final report latest by 15th July, 2000.

TA/DA, as per the prescribed Government norms, for the non-official members will be borne by the Ministry of Information Technology.

This issues with the approval of Minister for Information Technology.


(S. Lakshminarayanan)

Joint Secretary to the Government of India

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PS to Minister for Information Technology

Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology

All Members of Advisory Committee



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Cabinet Secretary


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