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Economic prosperity to all sections of society

Massive opportunities for self-employment

Working Group envisions Information Technology providing a unique and new opportunity to improve economic status of all sections of society. While on one hand IT Industry is perceived to be a major facilitator in creation of wealth by way of India emerging as a global IT Superpower by 2008, on the other hand it offers new opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship to large number of people who are otherwise not able to participate in economic activities in a major way.

Offers solutions to problems in social sector
The Working Group perceives IT addressing age old problems in the field of education, health, rural development, poverty alleviation, employment etc. and being a major facilitator for information transparency, good governance, empowerment, participative management and grass root democracy.


No one required to visit government office for day-to-day work by 2005

100 million Internet connections and 1 million IT Kiosks

In a country like India, where a common man has to deal with some government agency or other virtually on a day-to-day basis, the most visible impact of IT on the life of a common man will be felt if no one may be required to visit a government office for day-to-day work and instead have all such interactions with government and its agencies through Internet. This may, however be realizable only if all day-to-day functions of the government are e-enabled on one hand and on the other hand Internet/ IT services be accessible to the common man in all parts of the country. Towards this end, Working Group would like the country to have at least 100 million Internet connections, and one million Internet enabled IT Kiosks (for those who may not be able to afford Internet from homes/ offices) to enable a common man to have access to Internet/ IT services. Working Group believes that this vision is fully realizable by 2008 with large scale participation of private sector and self-employed people in unorganized sector.
IT to facilitate Digital Unite
One of the other major advantages of Internet is that it enables communities all over the world to interact with each other even through live Chat sessions. This will help in bringing people with diverse cultures and traditions to know about each other. Once, the use of IT reaches this level in the country, it will emerge as a means of Digital Unite instead of Digital Divide that many people are afraid IT will create in society.
Enabling and Empowering the people

The overall theme of the Working Group, therefore, revolves around the steps required to be taken by government to ensure enabling and empowerment of people to facilitate mass scale spread of IT and its benefits in the country.

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