Cabinet Committee on IT


Working Group recommends the following multi-tier institutional framework for speeding up and sustaining the process of taking the benefits of IT to the masses:

    1. Cabinet Committee on IT (CCIT), already set up by the government, should continue to provide leadership at the apex level and resolve all legislative and policy formulation and coordination issues at the central government level for growth of IT in the country.
Inter-State IT Council
  1. An Inter-State IT Council should be set up to evolve a coordinated approach for growth of IT industry and speeding up process of E-governance in the country. This Council should meet at least twice a year.
Committee of State IT Secretaries
  1. A Committee of State IT Secretaries, under the chairmanship of Secretary (IT), Ministry of Information Technology, should be set up to monitor implementation of the IT plans formulated by the Inter-State IT Council.
Committee of IT Managers in central government departments
    1. A Committee of IT Managers of all the ministries/ departments of central government should be set up under the chairmanship of Secretary (IT), Ministry of Information Technology to oversee the implementation of IT plans at the central government level.
IT Task Forces at Central/ State governments level
  1. Every ministry/ department of central government and state governments should set up an internal IT Task Force to steer the formulation and implementation of their respective IT plans.
National IT Mission
  1. A National IT Mission is required to be launched to oversee the implementation of the recommendations of the Working Group and provide necessary impetus to sustain the level of IT related activities with the objective of taking the benefits of IT to the masses in the country. As an immediate task, National IT Mission may coordinate the following programmes:

    1. Mass Awareness Campaign through the scheme of IT Yatra as given in Annexure III.
    2. Antyodaya Computer Literacy Programme as given in Annexure II.
    3. Modified Vidyarthi Computer Programme as given in Annexure I.
    4. Special training Programme for sensitization of Ministers, MPs, MLAs and senior government officials on the benefits of IT in governance
    5. Scheme for promoting development of indigenous technology for low cost Internet access devices
    6. Standardization of code, keyboard and fonts for development of Indian languages based content over Internet.
    7. Development and promotion of simple tools and methodologies for self-repair/ maintenance of PCs and other IT infrastructure by non-professionals.


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